Testimony & Photos from Abroad

I received an email from Joan, who lives on the CA coast, this morning. It is such encouragement to me!
This is what she wrote and forwarded!

Hi Nickol,

When I was in Laos I felt God wanted Grace to have the “Unlocking the Heavenlies” quill flags. I thought you might enjoy seeing what she wrote. Grace has moved in the prophetic for sometime…


Keys in Israel

see the date? 12/12/12 FUN!

She also sent me this amazing photo and a forward from the woman in the photo.

Blessed New Year 2013…

Dear Joan,

How are you?
Didn’t hear from you since our last meeting in Laos.
Believed everything goes well with you and your family.

I wrote to thank you very much for blessing with this beautiful banners.

I arrived in Israel on 11 Dec at 8.30pm and the next day 12 Dec 2012 we need to go to Carmel Assembly, Haifa to do some prophetic act.
After that we went to Mount Carmel where Elijah calls God’s fire down.
Indeed it was such an appointed time that I felt the Lord asking me to bring down the ”Unlocking the Heavenlies” banners with me down to Mount Carmel. I was shy at first to bring out, better to obey than regret..
I brought out it high and with such a strong wind… it flew by itself and I felt a something in the spirit realm released…
So I asked someone to took a picture and show you…

THANK YOU so much for such a time for me to act according to His way in such a prophetic action.

We have 2 seminars in the Carmel Assembly at Haifa on 13 & 14 Dec, in the evening is worship time. I again felt to bring down your banners to dance…. Is such a release in my spirit and my tennis elbow pain gone too which I had an injury since Sept 2012.

Thank again for your love towards to me.

Only GOD could bless you back abundantly to you & your family what you have been requesting from HIM, as He alone knew all things.

Hope to hear from you!!

In GOD we serve,
Grace Han

Awesome, right? I love that even tho she felt shy, she stil brought out the banners. I feel that way too, often enough. One time I was arguing with the Holy Spirit about it and the Holy Spirit said, Hurry up or you’re going to miss it! So, I also know that regret of hesitating and the worship ends and I didn’t obey and facilitate what God wanted to do. I want to see God move, I want to take part in that movement, I want to facilitate it. If I am a temple of Him, then I am a place where He not only dwells, but acts. A facility, if you will.
I also love that her elbow pain was healed! He comes with healing in His wings!!!

Please share more! I am encouraged, the body is encouraged and blessed. The Holy Spirit can move when you share your testimonies. They are healing too!

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Come let us magnify the Lord together… Who we worship with matters!

Photo (c) Emerald Rose Photography used with permission

A few comments over this past week triggered a new post here regarding worship and the company that you worship with. Let’s differentiate between worshiping with someone and worshiping before a group for the purpose of evangelism or ministering in worship to a congregation.

I worship -with- my church family, in my home with my children and other family members, at a home group with friends, anywhere I happen to be called to worship with banners, and at gatherings for prayer etcetera.

I worship -before- a group of mixed faiths and new believers to demonstrate the beauty of free worship, anywhere I happen to be called to worship with banners and to invite others to enter into banner worship and experience first hand the peace of the Presence.

I minister in worship by invitation only. This position requires intercession because it has been prearranged that I will come and bring something the Lord has given me, as well as walking through prophetic acts so the Lord will do what He wants to do in that place. This is also part of my calling at my own church since I have been given invitation to minister as I am led for the congregation though I prefer to stay at the back where the worship is more intimate.

Ye worship ye know not what: we know what we worship: for salvation is of the Jews. But the hour cometh, and now is, when the true worshipers shall worship the Father in spirit and in truth: for the Father seeketh such to worship him. God is a Spirit: and they that worship him must worship him in spirit and in truth. John 4:22-24

Who I worship with IS important because if I am filled with the Holy Spirit and seeking the guidance of the Holy Spirit in my life and especially my worship, to worship with others who are also seeking that leading creates a mirror effect. If you have one candle and put it next to a mirror, the reflection will be the light of two candles. We reflect eachothers light. If you have ten candles and a mirror for each, the light in the room multiplies exponentially. Some people have really big mirrors (magnifying mirrors if you will) and others have really big flames, some people are bonfires!!! These people are instigators of an encounter. They seek to invite the Lord to meet them. (He always responds!) They set an atmosphere to woo Him.

Others (many don’t know it) aren’t actively wooing Him in worship. They go to church and expect the atmosphere to be set and for others to facilitate that atmosphere and encounter. They will go along for the ride and enjoy the same encounter but not really magnify the Lord. They aren’t really doing anything the make His presence greater. I have no condemnation for that. This is a season for many, and as we learn and grow, growing out of passive worship is an important step in our faith. I am not saying that everyone should flag all the time. We need those who facilitate as musicians, singers, dancers, hand wavers, ushers, child care workers and more. We even need those who simply receive! But not all the time.

If you are like me, then you come out of a ‘good’ worship service exhilarated, encouraged and wanting more! Usually these are the services where the Spirit has moved so strongly even the usually passive worshipers are drawn out of their seats and the presence is almost tangible. I love that! On the flip side is the worship time where it feels as though everyone is a cup of coffee short of starting the day. There isn’t really a point where the songs lift off of the ground and people engage.

I feel as though part of this is song selection itself. Jeremy Riddle said something along the lines of there being types of worship songs and times to use specific categories of worship songs,  tho it is a delicate balance to set an atmosphere with music without being manipulative. Usually a modern worship session starts with something loud and fast to wake people up and gently slows down to soothing worship.

Call to worship type of songs ‘Come let us worship and bow down’ point the congregation toward worship. Declaring Praise, to tell the Lord as well as our own spirits of the goodness and power of God ‘You are Holy’. Warfare songs declare victory and kick the enemy’s butt like “The Battle Belongs to the Lord”. Gratitude songs give thanks to God for what He has done. Community songs also declare unity and fellowship “We Are One”. Invitational Songs ‘Holy Spirit Come’ invite the presence. Intimate songs dialogue with God “My Soul Longs for You” and woo Him. Those are my favorites. all of these types of songs are good, and are part of a balanced song selection tho not all sessions require all types, none is complete with just one type. (Some songs are mixed categorically.) Some songs sing to the congregation, some to creation, some to the Lord.

Another part is the responsiveness of the worship leader to the Holy Spirit in the moment. If a leader sticks to a set list and plays each verse and chorus then finishes with 2-3 rounds of the chorus before moving into the next song because of the time limits, then often an opportunity can be lost. If in the moment the congregation is caught up in a movement of the Presence, the wholly Spirit led worship leader simply cannot break away from the sweetness of that song, those lyrics or a Selah, a spontaneous lyric or musical progression.

So what is the part of the individual? That is the heart of the matter, your heart in fact. Seek to encounter God in worship, be responsive to the leading of the Holy Spirit and worship with others who do the same! Yay for fellowship and unity of the Body of Christ!

Psalm 35:27 Let them shout for joy, and be glad, that favor my righteous cause: yes, let them say continually, Let the LORD be magnified…

Psalm 40:16 Let all those that seek you rejoice and be glad in you: let such as love your salvation say continually, The LORD be magnified.

Psalm 69:30 I will praise the name of God with a song, and will magnify him with thanksgiving.

Luke 1:46 And Mary said, My soul does magnify the Lord,

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Baby Silks

You have seen Sam Anne with her Jubilee silk swaddle blanket. Since then I have dyed a few of the 11×11 hankies and 6×24 hair scarves for snuggling and adding to toys and binkies.

I caught her napping on her bouncer with one of her favorite toys, an O Ball that I added a hair scarf to.


At first I couldn’t resist taking a picture of her little smooshed cheeks. 🙂
Then to make her more comfortable I moved the ball away from her face. That is when I noticed the tiny fist clutched the silky accent on her toy.


Aww, Sam Anne! You are the sweetest!


Here is the toy combo… OBall rattle with a baby toy link and the hair scarf looped onto it.

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Handkerchief Hem Wrap Worship Garment

I wanted to introduce a new item, the Silk Wrap Garment. Its an overlay for a base garment like the praise dance dress shown, or even a short sleeve leotard and palazzo pants…. of course you could wear it over a fitted tee shirt and jeans on the fly…

The waist on the Child’s Wrap is 38+ inches depending on how the silk stretches on the bias. The skirt length is 15″ to 22″+. The sash/waistband is about 88″ end to end. This takes 2 1/8 yards of fabric 36″ wide.

The waist on the Adult’s Wrap is 46+ inches depending on how the silk stretches on the bias. The skirt length is 18″ to 27″. The sash/waistband is about 100″ end to end. This takes 2 3/4 yards of fabric 45″ wide.

The waist on the Plus Wrap is 58+ inches depending on how the silk stretches on the bias. The skirt length is 23″ to 32″. The sash/waistband is about 100″ end to end. This takes 3 1/8 yards of fabric 55″ wide.

If you are wondering which wrap to get, measure around your bust and under your arms. Your larger measurement should be less than the waist of the size you select, if not go up a size. For the most versatility the waist measurement should go around your natural waist (the narrowest part) 1.25 – 2 times.

These are very versatile and can flatter many different body types. Custom dyeing is available as are special order matching flag/garment sets.

Click HERE for wrap instructions.

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How to tie your Wrap Worship Garment

In spite of marking the center of the garment with x it disappeared. For all reference points the center means the center of the waistband. If you click on each picture it will open an enlargement with readable text. There are many more ways to wear this type of garment, these are the most popular.

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The Joseph’s Coat Silk


This design has 12 dye colors (therefore taking 3-4 times longer than most silk designs) which represent the Joseph Anointing on a persons life or ministry. Like the coat, it represents manifold (or multicolored) favor, through adversity. In fact adversity was not the opposition of Joseph’s favor and anointing, but a vehicle to the fulfillment thereof. I can hardly wait to post more pictures of the Joseph’s Coat flags & silks. (I do have to try and fulfill orders chronologically as they are received.)

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More Rainbowy Goodness! Now with babies!




Ohhh! How can I resist rolling Samantha Anne in rainbows? Yay!

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Covenant and Joseph’s Coat Silks in process.




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Colors, Symbolic Language of the Holy Spirit (part 2) Purple


There is absolutely no reason that I should have 10 shades of purple in my nail polish box excepting the fact that none of them is the perfect shade of purple! The perfect purple should be bold and bright but deep as well, a perfect balance of red and blue tones, but with a shimmer… It’s difficult to describe without saying the word juicy. I relate to colors in a similar way to babies. It’s a good color if I want to taste it, but not necessarily a grape or wine color.

Sometimes I feel as though people see colors differently, just like people taste food differently. Colors are a full sensory experience, emotions, flavors and fragrances all tie with individual and combined colors.

Purple is of course the color of royalty. In almost every culture around the world, the tradition for purple has been for nobility and the very wealthy because the pigment for ‘tyrian purple’ comes from a snail which produces so little of the natural dye that twelve thousand snails are needed to produce coloring for a single garment’s trim. (A similar animal produced the blue necessary for the Hebrew temple garments, but that’s another post.) In many cultures it has even been illegal for commoners to wear colors above their class.

The first story that comes to mind relating to purple is Esther. This was a true ‘Cinderella Story’… a beautiful orphaned girl in a hostile environment is summoned by the king and ultimately becomes queen. The only person who cares for her facilitates the process by prayer, advice and being present in the shadows. This is where the fairy tale says ‘happily ever after’ but not so with Esther. She is drawn into ethnic, religious and political intrigues and with faith, must use all of her beauty, charm and discernment to save her nation. This is no simple princess story. Esther’s faith, wisdom and character are tested. She must risk her very life to find favor with the king. In the end she is honored but also her guardian Mordecai is honored.

Purple is a kingdom color, regarding territory, birthrights and station, favor and duty, but above all, pleasing the King and finding favor with Him through intimacy.

The next story that comes to mind is Lydia. We fast forward to the New Testament past the Gospels. Lydia was a seller of purple. She was very wealthy and she was in love with Jesus! A woman in business in any time frame has to be many things, but we’ll focus on the basics.

Lydia was a risk taker who needed to travel in order to negotiate sales and purchases of materials. Travel was extremely dangerous. She needed to be good with people, shrewd but fair to negotiate a good price on the best materials she could find. Nobody took it easy on her because she was a lady, if fact I’m sure men tried to take advantage of her financially on a regular basis. Her reputation as well as the reputation for her goods must have preceded her. In fact the quality of her purples must have been the very best.

I’m sure there were a number of women who did this through history but Lydia gets a biblical mention because in her travels, negotiations and product evaluation she shared the gospel of Jesus, with her wealth she planted churches through the land. She carried with her great value, the knowledge of Jesus as Messiah.

Again, purple is a kingdom color, it is about intrinsic value and worth, rarity, but also wisdom, good reputation, courage and hope.

It is the glory of God to conceal a matter, But the glory of kings is to search out a matter. Proverbs 25:2  Deep purple (as well as deep indigo and black) colors this verse with mystery and royal intent to find the hidden things of the King of Kings.

This was written in the times when the Spirit of God would rest only upon the prophets and/or the kings (and craftsmen for course), and why kings and rulers were treated like deity. Now it is still the glory of God to conceal His secret things, but as His adopted sons and daughters, we are the royalty that must seek out His hidden treasures.

Purple also means holiness & being set apart, a royal priesthood, to abide in Christ as the vine, wine which is joyfulness and inhibition, to revel in Jesus and His blood as He is our redeemer and savior, taking part in the cup so that we may take part in the resurrection, new wine and revelations of the Holy Spirit.

Wine was added to water to improve the flavor and the healthfulness. It was added to water that may or may not have been safe to drink. This improved the flavor but it also added a medicinal boost as the alcohols killed off potentially harmful bacteria or micro organisms and the pro-biotic bacterias gave the immune system a boost. Though this wasn’t common knowledge, it was a common practice.

This still only just begins to tell of what the Lord says through purple. The ancient traditions, the secret meanings and the newly revealed words by the Holy Spirit. Anyone is welcome to add what they have heard about purple, and don’t forget to subscribe to the blog so you don’t miss a part of the Colors series.


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Colors, symbolic language of the Holy Spirit (part 1)

Multiple Silks of man colors

In every culture around the world color plays a part in the way people percieve their world. This is no accident. God designed us to sense color as a way to interpret our world, not just to sense what is dangerous, but also what is good for food and to appreciate beauty. If it wasn’t an important part of the human experience He wouldn’t have given us the ability to see it, but as far as I can tell, God loves color!

I love color too, and this is one of the main reasons that I began dyeing silks. Probably since the beginning of my artistic endeavors with my first box of crayons, I’ve loved colors.

The care God took to ‘paint’ each type of flower, bird, tree and plant, forming the rocks and precious stones, fish and other bright animals, and the beetles… thousands of varieties of bright or jewel toned beetles, made lovely, for His delight and ours. I do delight in them! (I don’t want to touch the beetles, but they are kind of neat.)

Color is a language in itself, just like a musical note, it is a frequency, a vibration and a mathematical equation. Each tone and shade gives flavor to the hue that sings out the glory of the Creator with His unlimited box of paints.

How I love the visual song He has sung in our world, and I sing back to Him my simple melody of love in each flag my heart and hand waves before Him with it’s blend of colors that I have only just begun to understand. One thing I do know, there are more colors in Heaven than on Earth, and I will finally see my favorite color when I get there. As much as I love color, I haven’t found one good enough to call it my favorite forever.

I hope to share a series of posts on color which may help you to understand each basic color a little better. There are 7 colors of the spectrum, that is white broken into 7 main frequencies or wavelengths, then there is white (light) and black (darkness) and grey (degrees of light) as well as metallic colors. I will include biblical references, prophetic interpretations as well as cultural and natural symbolism.

Comments are welcome, questions are even ‘welcome-er’ and color requests are anticipated though the first color I will post on this week is Purple…Yay!!!

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